Most of our brains aren’t working as effectively as they could be.


Artificial environments, exposure to chemicals, lack of exercise, processed foods, poor sleep habits, traumatic experiences….all of this leads up to our modern day brains that are more stressed, tired, and ineffective compared to what they could be.

Healthy behaviors such as 7-9 hours of sleep per night, a diet low in processed foods, getting 10,000 steps per day, and healthy social connection is an easy way to improve brain regulation and effectiveness. If you want to get cutting-edge, you can get a 3-D brain map that reads the brain’s real time, fluctuating electrical activity and see where your brain is not communicating effectively with itself.

How the brain fires off impulses and communicates internally can be measured and even trained (in a non-invasive way) through neurofeedback to either fix major problems like in the case of traumatic brain injury rehab, or improve performance like in the case of an aging CEO who wants his 38 year-old-brain efficiency back.