Is Your Idea of Romance Sabotaging Your Love Life?

Is your idea of romance sabataging your love life

Dr. Amy Serin, Founder of Serin Center and Co-Founder of TouchPoint Solution, a stress-relief digital wearable spoke with Bustle recently about how our perception of romance can actually work against us if not in check. “Initial attraction creates a wave of sensations and then expectations inevitably follow,” neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin, founder of The Serin Center, tells Bustle. “The stronger the attraction, the more likely we are to try to be with that person and cling to hope that the initial attraction will turn into something more.” Or that your relationship with them will turn out to be the picture-perfect fantasy that you’ve always wanted. But when your expectations are way too high, it can ruin your chance of finding and keeping the right person for you.

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