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How do I know if my brain is working effectively?

Most of our brains aren’t working as effectively as they could be. Why? Artificial environments, exposure to chemicals, lack of exercise, processed foods, poor sleep habits, traumatic experiences….all of this leads up to our modern day brains that are more stressed, tired, and ineffective compared to what they could be. Healthy behaviors such as 7-9 […]

Am I Tired or Depressed

Many people underestimate the impact of sleep on mood. Just one night of poor sleep can impact mood the next day. When it comes to your mental and physical health, sleep is the #1 most important thing! And if poor sleep patterns become chronic, feeling lousy can start to look a lot like depression, for […]

Marijuana is ok, right?

Ummm….not really. So here’s the deal, and I know it’s an unpopular opinion right now.  When we are looking for solutions to a problem, we want to consider what is the least invasive, cost-effective, game-changing results-producing, doesn’t have bad consequences later treatments.  When we evaluate marijuana as a treatment, there are many problems with it.  […]

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