Medication Management Specialist

Staff Spotlight:

Catherine Bradway, PMHNP-BC

Director of Integrated Care
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Serin Center now combines medication evaluations and therapy for ages 12 to adult! Staff specialist Catherine Bradway, Director of Integrated Care and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner comes to Serin Center with more than 11 years of experience. Her approach to medication management is conservative and blends healthy lifestyle behaviors and a holistic, integrated approach to allow the innate process of the mind, body and spirit to bring about balance, healing, and the highest level of wellness. Catherine provides integrated healing using medication, supplements, and traditional psychotherapy with EMDR Therapy, hypnotherapy, meditation, dream work, and shamanic healing methods. After studying with Caroline Myss, Catherine added archetypal therapy to many forms of energy therapies endorsed by the Holistic Nursing Association.

Because Catherine integrates medical and psychological treatments, patients won’t be given only one choice.  Doctors can be quick to write prescriptions without considering other options or fully informing patients of the rationale behind their plan. We know the decision to take medication is not one to be taken lightly.  We also know that once medication is prescribed, doctors often fail to consider stopping medication.  If the patient wants to stop, they often need other supports so the ‘rebound’ effect of stopping doesn’t leave them more depressed or anxious in the short-term.  Catherine can provide therapeutic services to help ease the difficulty of switching medications or stopping medications.  She can also refer to our other specialists that can provide non-invasive solutions often without any medications.

Serin Center’s approach combines cutting-edge neuroscience with evidence-based practice to achieve meaningful, lasting results.  From diagnosis to integrative treatment, our medical and psychological experts combine the best in healthcare.  Find out why Dr. Serin is a top neuropsychologist and a leader in the field and how our experts can help you or your family members reach their full potential.

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