We are proud to have helped many individuals and families express a better version of themselves through our comprehensive pediatric and adult neuropsychology services. Here are just a few of the messages of praise and support that we have received.

Thanks for inventing something that works so easily.

Hello, I wanted to let you know that after the presentation at Aurora on bi-lateral stimulation by Dr. Serin, I purchased a set of basic TouchPoints. I am a school psychologist at Deer Valley High School. I have allowed some of the students with high anxiety, anger, sadness and other complaints to try them. I have sent out your web site to parents. I have to say they are almost a miracle. The students, – Autistic and otherwise are able to go about their day or talk in a more relaxed manner. Even had a couple of teachers try them. I know several have ordered the wrist bands and a one has even talked to her parent who has Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder about them.

I am so grateful that I learned about the products, and I will happily keep spreading the word about TouchPoints and about your work.

Thanks for inventing something that works this easily. Wish I could afford a bunch of them to give them to those who cannot afford them, hopefully they will keep dropping by to use them a little and go about their day in a more relaxed manner. THEY REALLY WORK!

Kathy Gindt, Ph.D.
Certified School Psychologist
Deer Valley High

“C_ has really made some HUGE gains.  He took himself off of his anti-depressant without our knowledge and has responded well. He is the most calm and chill I have seen him in a very long time.  He has been letting those friends, the ones getting involved in drug dealing, and heavy use just go.  He went to lunch with them the other day and they started smoking weed in the car on the way back to school.  He got out of the car and chose to walk back to school.  He is starting to realize who he wants to be around and what he does not want to do.  He is having a hard time finding kids that are not doing those things!  His challenge now has been finding new friends, but he is at peace with his decisions, not dwelling in it and not falling into depression.

Jessica, C_ has been meditating, doing those beat things, etc, and finding healthy ways to help his ADHD and Depression.  We have had this kiddo in therapy since he was 4 and in the 4 months he has been at the Serin Center, it has been life changing for him.  He would like to continue EMDR with you via skype, so we will be calling Monday to get those set up. Last night I had a 2 hour, adult conversation with him and even D_ is opening up more.  He actually has been nice to G_ for 2 weeks.  G_ says it is like a whole new world for her.

I can’t thank you enough for the gifts you have given my family!  To have one tough kiddo is hard for any family.  To have 2 makes it even more tough.  The investment of time and money was worth every penny!”

J.B. mom of two teenage boys
Flagstaff, Arizona

“I can honestly say the Serin Center team changed my son’s life. We had visited doctors for years trying to find answers to help him. We began to notice physical delays at the age of one, but his academic challenges really started to effect his success by the time he entered second grade. We were concerned that this would also effect his self esteem if we couldn’t help him. The entire staff at Serin Center was awesome – the front office staff answered my long list of questions and my son worked with several specialists at the center. When we met with Dr. Serin she was patient and presented everything in such a caring way to my husband and I. It’s such an emotional time when you are learning about a diagnosis that could determine your child’s future, but Dr. Serin created a “game plan” for him. The first time a doctor ever helped us do that! We did what she said and this semester he made the school Honor Roll! I know the success he is today can be credited to Dr. Serin and the team she has built at the center.”

Rachel W.
Peoria, Arizona

 Thank you Dr. Serin and the team at your office! For the first time you helped my husband and I understand my son’s options, create a game plan to improve his academics, and how to help him reach his full potential. We will be forever grateful.

Peoria, AZ

 My OCD has reduced so much that I don’t realize that I didn’t do an obsessive habit which I’ve done for years until later on in the day!

Sandra P.
Age 47

 Neurofeedback ROCKS! I still don’t understand how it works but it does. I’m feeling no more depression and I can sleep every night. Thank you so much.

Joe W.
Age 36

 My emotions are no longer on such a high/low pendulum ever since starting NFB. I feel more at peace and calm in my every day life.

Ana B.
Age 29

ADHD combined presentation has been correlated with higher levels of trait anxiety while inattentive presentation has been correlated with state anxiety. Trait anxiety is a more stable individual characteristic of being more inclined to get easily stressed/anxious. State anxiety is a state of heightened emotions that occur in response to danger of fear or particular situations.

Source: International Journal Of Clinical And Health Psychology

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