Integrating neuroscience with practice through novel research.

Serin Center experts and research assistants actively pursue ongoing research projects in partnership with global universities and industry.

Project List

Below is a sample of some of the completed and ongoing research projects and publications from our center. Contact us for future research opportunities.

Research Currently In Process

Applying Bilateral Alternating Stimulation in Tactile Form (BLAST) to Improve Attention and Decrease Movement in Children with ADHD- A Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study by Amy Serin, PhD, Dominic DiLoreto, MA, Emily Kade, MA, Christopher Glowacki, PsyD Midwestern University

A Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Study of TouchPoints on Stress And Anxiety During the Trier Social Stress Test by Ernesto Leal, PhD, Doug Johnson, MA, and Amy Serin, PhD Laboratory of Phototherapy in Sports and Exercise at Nove de Julho University – UNINOVE (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve: How Wearable Devices are Changing the Experience of Mental Health and Ill Health by Antonette Joseph, PhD Macquarie University

The Effects of Bilateral Stimulation via TouchPoints on Regulation in School-Aged Children during Academic Tasks by Megan Boyle, MA, Open Minds School Menlo Park, CA

Effect of Applied Bi-Lateral Stimulation on Patients with Chronic Pain by Michael-Noll Hussong, MD Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy University of Ulm Albert Einstein, Germany

“Good Vibrations”: Anxiety-Reducing Effects of Bilateral Stimulation by Judith Owens, MD, MPH; Corinna E. Lathan, PhD; Robert Findling, MD, MBA; Marilyn Benoit, MD; Sharon Wigal, PhD; and Amy Serin, PhD

Reducing Anxiety During Public Speaking with Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulation- Tactile (BLAS) in a College Setting by Dominic DiLoreto, MA and Amy Serin, PhD

Research Submitted for Publication

The Therapeutic Effect of Bilateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile Form Technology on the Stress Response by Amy Serin, Ph.D., Nathan Hageman, MD, PhD, and Emily Kade, M.A

Distinguishing Among Types of Bilateral Alternating Stimulation (BLAS) by Neural Effect and Efficacy: The Non-Equivalence of Eye Movements (BLASÉ), Tactile (BLAST) and Auditory (BLASA) by Amy Serin, Ph.D., Sandra Paulsen, Ph.D. and Emily Kade, M.A.

Therapeutic Effect of Bilateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile Form in Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder by Amy Serin, Ph.D., Nathan Hageman, MD, PhD, and Emily Kade, M.A.

“Application of Bilateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile (BLAST) Form Technology Results in Quantitative Electroencephalogram Changes” by Amy Serin, Ph.D., Nathan Hageman, MD, PhD, and Emily Kade, M.A.

Upcoming Poster Presentations

Submitted to Harvard’s 2018 Movement: Brain, Body Cognition International Conference

A Theory of Bilateral Alternating Stimulation in Tactile Form (BLAST) in Improving Motor Function in Parkinson’s, ADHD, and OCD: A Case Study by Emily Kade, MA, Amy Serin, PhD

Submitted to American Academy of Neurology 2018 conference

Significant Reduction in Stress Response with Use of Bi-lateral Stimulation in Tactile Form (BLAST) by Emily Kade, MA, and Amy Serin, PhD

Our research on safe, non-invasive, alternating bi-lateral stimulation in tactile form (BLAST) was pre-dated by over 20 years of research in therapy showing positive effects on post-traumatic stress disorder and recalling negative memories. Novel ways of applying BLAST are now being investigated globally for anxiety, pain, sleep, hyperactivity, tremors, sensory integration, and performance enhancement.

Source: Serin Center


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