Medication Management

When all things are considered, medication has its place.

Our medical experts can consult with you about medication options and present you with alternatives, helping you make the best decision for you or your child.

Getting on or off medication is an important choice.

Our experts agree that medication is overprescribed and misused in many cases. In other cases, it’s efficacy is in question because no standardized testing is conducted to determine if it is working to produce significant change.

That’s why medication won’t be our first line of treatment unless it’s necessary. Our primary aim is to use effective, non-invasive methods of treatment where possible.

However, in some cases, medication is necessary.

Whether you need a second opinion when medication has already been prescribed, need a supervised titration plan to get off medication while mitigating side-effects, or need medication as part of your comprehensive treatment strategy for optimum results, we are here to help. And with our integrative services, we can go beyond cursory “how’s it going” check ups and add assessments that show ongoing progress.

Medications - Diagnosis and Management

Recommended Treatment for:

  • Part of a comprehensive strategy
  • When other treatments have failed
  • ADHD, OCD, and Bipolar diagnoses
  • Severe mental health difficulties

PLEASE NOTE: We are not an emergency clinic. If you have an emergency, please dial 911. Also, we are not contracted with any court system and do not provide court ordered services related to child custody or other matters. For a list of services that we provide and do not provide, please visit our What We Treat page.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends providing behavioral therapy before medication for ADHD and neurofeedback may be an alternative to medication. However, individuals with ADHD are prone to more car crashes than those without the diagnosis and being on medication was shown to reduce the incidence of car crashes by about 40%.

Source: CNN


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