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The Serin Center specializes in adult & child psychology, and neurofeedback therapy. We perform psychological and neurological assessments for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions like: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Dyslexia, with cutting edge treatments to help live a better life.

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About The Serin Center

Most people don’t know exactly what they need–they just know they need help. Our friendly staff will guide you in making your first appointment where your specialist will listen to your concerns and together you will develop the best strategy to help reach your goals. You’ll get an individualized, integrative, strengths-based plan and a clear map of what is possible and how we can help.

Serin Center experts have been improving lives of children, adolescents, adults, families, and executives using applied neuroscience for over a decade. We skillfully break down the complexities of blocks to optimum functioning and happiness and explain them in a way that makes sense so you can be confident your road map to success is one that will be worth the time and energy.

Our Services at a glance

Information is power when there are problems needing solutions.

Understanding brain function and how it relates to problems is key in knowing what help will provide lasting, tangible results. We provide comprehensive assessments and discuss findings in a way you can understand with a clear path to move forward. Read More

Optimum brain functioning equals better performance!

Using the most advanced technology, our approach to neurofeedback therapy is the same used by Olympic athletes and top executives around the world to improve brain functioning and overall performance. Read More

Not The Same Old Therapy…We Aim To Do Better

No longer is therapy just about talking and listening. Integrating neuropsychological findings into existing approaches can mean faster relief and spontaneous behavioral change. Read More

New options for therapy care from the comfort of home.

Teletherapy can take the place of in-person therapy to ensure patients continue to receive necessary care from the comfort of their own homes. Read More

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