ADHD Care and Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

If you or a loved one have ADHD, then you can receive the care you need. Serin Center offers a variety of ADHD treatment options at our Scottsdale, AZ, location.

What Are the Symptoms of ADHD?

If you’re unsure if you or your loved one has ADHD, then some signs to look out for include impulsive behaviors, hyperactive behavior like restlessness and fidgeting, or inattentive behavior like forgetfulness and a lack of organization. Someone with ADHD might also suffer from mood disorders like anxiety or low self-esteem.

How Can You Manage ADHD?

If you or your loved one does have a confirmed diagnosis of ADHD, some treatments can help you. For example, therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and specific medications might be beneficial.

How Can Serin Center Help?

We will meet with you or your loved one to understand the extent and nature of your ADHD. With these findings, we can provide services like therapy and consulting. Our services strive to help you or your loved one know the symptoms of the disorder and tools to implement in your life to be your best self.

If you’re interested in our ADHD care, then call us at (623) 824-5051 or get in touch online. We look forward to meeting you!