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We realize you and your loved ones are more than a label. Using common diagnostic terms can aid understanding and help guide treatment solutions.


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ADHD affects 11% of school-age children (4-17) and symptoms continue into adulthood in more than 75% of children. Boys are over twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD (13.3%) compared to girls (5.6%)

Source: National Resource Center on ADHD


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Avoidant Personality

Individuals with Avoidant Personality Disorder have an overall fear of being criticized or rejected by others. They are likely to feel inadequate, not good enough, and sensitive to negative evaluations.

They may avoid interactions with other people and see themselves as inferior to others, socially inept, or unappealing.

They are typically hesitant to engage in any new activities for fear they will be embarrassed.

Childhood abuse and neglect is typically associated with the development of avoidant personality disorder in adulthood (Eikenaes et al., 2015).

If a child or teen is showing signs of withdrawal from others, it is important to get treatment so this does not develop into avoidant personality.

Often times tendencies at a young age become ‘crystallized’ into rigid ways of being as an adult but we can use neuroplasticity of the developing brain as an advantage to help change these patterns and improve social and emotional functioning.

Eikenaes I, Egeland J, Hummelen B, Wilberg T (2015) Correction: Avoidant Personality Disorder versus Social Phobia: The Significance of Childhood Neglect. PLOS ONE 10(5): e0128737.

What We Don’t Treat

We are not an emergency clinic. We are an outpatient provider so we do not have inpatient facilities. We are not a hospital and do not provide detox services for addictions. We do not treat schizophrenia or brain disorders related to advancing age such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. We are not contracted with any court system and do not provide court ordered services related to child custody or other matters.