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What if excess stress was not a chronic, permanent condition to be “coped with” – but instead is a specific type of neurological programming, that could be CURED? What if what you’ve been taught about how to handle stress was wrong and neuroscience could offer you real solutions?

Stress doesn’t simply cause isolated symptoms like insomnia, headaches, or the occasional worry. Living with excess stress can ruin every area of our lives as mercury does to a pond. Until now, stress and how to cure it has been misunderstood. In her debut book, internationally renowned neuropsychologist, Dr. Amy Serin, sets the record straight about stress. New neuroscience shows the mechanisms behind the stress switch and how it can be de-activated in ways you haven’t been told. This is a stress conversation that you have never heard before.

The Stress Switch asks the question – ‘Who would you be without your stress?’ And then gives real answers as to how to change your life for the better.

“Stress consumes many of us and eats away at the foundations of our relationships, our work, our health, and our happiness. In The Stress Switch, Dr. Amy Serin explains the foundations of this problem in an approachable way that can be understood by anyone with interest in making a change for the better.” – A. O’Neil, M.D., Assistant Dean, Emeritus Mayo Medical School.

“Dr. Amy Serin is a standout figure in leading-edge Neuropsychology. She takes mind-body work to a new level with The Stress Switch.” – R. Sheeler, M.D. Editor Emeritus Mayo Clinic Health Letter.

In this book, you’ll learn the step by step methods that Dr. Serin has discovered to rapidly short-circuit stress responses and take your life back. By understanding the patterns that need to be changed, you can regain control. The book also gives you the tools you need to be able to make these changes quickly. You’ll be able to reduce stress and improve your: Overall Health, Sleep, Relationships, Mental, Clarity, Work Performance and Happiness. “Dr. Serin has cracked the code on stress and made real, effective treatment available to everyone… This is my new go-to book on stress for all my patients. If you want to flip the switch on stress, get a better night of sleep and take control of stress once and for all, read this book today” – Dr. Michael Breus – The Sleep Doctor.

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