Pediatric And Adult Neuropsychology

Information is power when there are problems needing solutions.

Understanding brain function and how it relates to problems is key in knowing what help will provide lasting, tangible results. We provide comprehensive assessments and discuss findings in a way you can understand with a clear path to move forward.

Child Therapies

Comprehensive Assessments for Diagnosis, Treatment, and Educational Planning

Neuropsychological Assessments combine developmental history with in-office and computerized testing. They typically assess intellectual, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, academic, and personality functioning to determine strengths and areas for growth for educational planning, treatment recommendations, and to answer forensic questions.

Domains such as learning, memory, attention, distractibility, executive functioning, academic skill levels, language abilities, processing speed, and working memory are evaluated to provide comprehensive results that provide differential diagnosis, help determine the need for academic accommodations in school, quantify damage related to accidents or injuries, or determine the need for disability services or vocational planning.

Serin Center experts have the unique ability to add qualitative electroencephalogram and brain-mapping data to traditional neuropsychological evaluations to provide cutting-edge integration to inform recommendations.

What Is The Process?

The process starts with a consult to obtain a comprehensive history and determine the assessment battery to be administered. For children, information from parents and teachers is also obtained.

The patient undergoes 6-8 hours of individualized testing split over 2 days’ time (or on one day if traveling from out of state).

The results are scored, integrated, and a report is generated. A detailed feedback session with your specialist and a report are then provided that clearly outline findings and next steps.


Recommended Treatment for:

  • Forensic Evaluations
  • Differential Diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, or Learning Disabilities
  • Adjunct to Independent Educational Evaluations
  • Post-Injury Assessment

Neuropsychology Assessments Available At:

PLEASE NOTE: We are not an emergency clinic. If you have an emergency, please dial 911. Also, we are not contracted with any court system and do not provide court ordered services related to child custody or other matters. For a list of services that we provide and do not provide, please visit our What We Treat page.

Deficits in working memory–the ability to hold bits of information during processing–is linked with learning disabilities and poor performance. Neuropsychological assessment can quantify working memory capacity and determine the root of difficulties in school or job performance. Working memory can also be enhanced and improved with certain methods if a deficit is present.



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