Meditation & Brain Training Headset


Discover how science and technology have combined neurofeedback, photobiomodulation and heart coherence into one device through the headset. This device has proven itself effective in terms of improving mental performance and well-being of any individual as well as enhancing the cognitive recovery of people suffering from any type of neurohealth condition. 

The includes a headset, a GeniusPulse Controller™, a hard-shell travel case, international power adaptors, and a one-year subscription for all Programs.


Cross-Training for Your Brain & Mind allows your brain to be fast, flexible, and responsive so it can function at its best. It also empowers your brain and nervous system through its stimulating training programs which can become your very own personal trainer. With this professional-grade brain coach in your pocket, you can expect immediate benefits right after continued us.


Custom Bluetooth Headset

Precision engineered headset. Stacked with cutting edge electronics and state-of-the-art software. Can be adapted to head shape and size. Very comfortable to wear.


Proprietary Brain Sensors

Integrated into the headset are three cushioned proprietary brainwave sensors that can detect beta, alpha, theta and gamma waves (up to 120Hz), with high fidelity signal integrity. Unlike most neurofeedback sensors, ours do not require the use of paste!


Functional Brain Testing

The GeniusPulse™ Controller uses a 10-minute game to capture the pulse of your genius. Measures event related potentials (ERPs). Assesses brain processing speed, reaction time, accuracy, error correction, plus more. Track brain training, HRV and brain function scores overtime.