Vielight X-Plus 4


Here’s the newest addition to Vielight’s device collection. The Vielight X-Plus 4 is designed with flexibility in mind as it enables delivery of photobiomodulation (PBM) to areas that cannot be covered by other Vielight devices.

The Vielight X-Plus stimulates the thymus gland and nasal vasculature with light energy to augment the body’s innate immune system and reduces inflammation.

Benefits of the Vielight X-Plus 4:

  • Thymus gland – Improved immunity.
  • Nasal vascular area – Improved immunity and systemic fitness.


Power Density | Irradiance50 mW/cm² (1) : Body Module LED
25 mW/cm² (1) : Head Module LED
10 mW/cm² (1) : Intranasal LED (633nm)
LED Power1000 mW per module
Targeted AreasCerebellum, Occipital lobe, Thymus gland, Nasal vasculature
Head Size SuitabilityMinimum age: 5 years old
Medical Grade CertificationISO13485 and MDSAP
Safety CertificationTÜV Rheinland