Nutrafol – Hair Growth Supplements

Nutrafol is naturally formulated hair growth supplements providing people a variety of non-prescriptive soluton to stimulate hair growth.

Their goal is to serve healthcare providers and patients who are experiencing thinning hair and provide them with a new hope through hair growth nutraceuticals. All their products are developed through continuous innovation through countless hair vitamins with natural and guaranteed safe ingredients.

They are the first to take a multifactorial approach with supplements. All of their products target multiple common root causes of thinning hair for both men and women. Their products are clinically tested and aims to addressed different bio-specific needs and life stages.

Check out their range of products below:

Hair Growth Nutraceuticals

Clinically proven Hair Growth Nutraceuticals that multi-target root causes of thinning hair naturally through whole-body health.

Professional-strength Boosters

A daily complement to your Hair Growth Nutraceutical to provide extra support for specific root causes of thinning hair.

Scalp Support

Scalp Support rounds out your hair wellness regimen by providing balance directly at the scalp and defending your hair. Includes products to balance the scalp microbiome. Pairs with daily Hair Growth Nutraceuticals as your foundation for targeting root causes of hair thinning from within.

MD Hair Growth Systems

Complete regimens featuring clinically proven Hair Growth Nutraceuticals, plus a professional-strength booster or topical serum for added support to target specific root causes of thinning hair.




What are the 6 root causes of hair health?

Nutrafol is formulated to addressed the 6 root causes of hair health in both men and women.


Hormones are known to be the culprit of most hair loss in men and women. Nutrafol aims to balance and fasten the recovery for this imbalance through their naturally formulated supplements for both men and women.


High stress levels has been associated with hair loss. The condition telogen effluvium is among the most common type of hair loss which affect people when they experience severe stress or change in their body.


Any drastic shift in one’s lifestyle may also trigger hair loss. Poor diet, constant consumption of alcohol, and childbirth may damage the hair follicle and weaken its ability to produce and grow hair like it normally does.


Slow metabolism is also one of the root causes of hair loss. When a person’s metabolism is slow, our body tends require more energy trying to keep vital functions going rather than keeping our hair healthy.


To promote healthy and consistent hair growth, the body requires nourishment and nutrients. Following unhealthy poor diet would affect the hair strength as well as overall growth of the hair.


Aging is among the most common cause of hair loss. This is because as people age our body experience changes in our hormone levels which directly affect the continual growth of hair.