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Children with ADHD and anxiety appear to experience more emotional dysregulation than their peers. While they experience the same emotions as individuals their age, they experience them much more frequently and intensely. They may be more likely to get stuck and caught up in their emotion due to difficulties with executive functioning skills and seeing the bigger picture.

Source: Understood.org


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Lead Specialists

Get to know the Serin Center Lead Specialists by reading the biographies below. You can also read biographies about the rest of our valued team as well by reading our Team page.

Dr. Amy Serin

Amy Serin, PhD

Neuropsychologist and

Dr. Amy Serin conducts psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for ages 4 through adult for ADHD, learning disabilities, IQ, traumatic brain injury, anxiety, depression, autism spectrum disorders and giftedness. Dr. Serin takes a strength-based, results-oriented approach to her psychotherapy.

Dr. Serin’s approach is both scientific and holistic, and stems from a broad educational and training background. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Arizona State University, where she was Valedictorian (Moeur Award) and holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Pediatric Neuropsychology from The Fielding Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Serin completed her formal neuropsychology training at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She is Past President of The Arizona Neuropsychological Association and a member in good standing in several professional organizations.

Dr. Amy Serin

Dominic Di Loreto, MA, BCIA

Director of Applied Neuroscience

Dominic Di Loreto, MA, BCIA has 6 years of experience developing and implementing neuromodulation treatments in premier clinics in the United States. Dominic is an International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) award winner who graduated cum laude from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he studied the physiology of anxiety using EEG and cortisol.

In 2013 he obtained his master’s degree in experiential psychology after working in the EEG and biopsychology lab as a research assistant and graduate teaching assistant. Dominic blends his unique experience in both research and cutting-edge applied neuroscience to create effective treatment strategies for The Serin Center’s patients of all ages.

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