Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Therapy Training Programs at Serin Center

What is Serin Center?

Serin Center is one of the largest, private, integrated care neuropsychology clinics in Arizona since 2005. We offer practicums, internships, and APPIC accredited postdoctoral residency programs in pediatric and adult neuropsychology and therapy. We also supervise master’s level therapists in social work and counseling. Trainees engage in a structured program that blends cutting-edge neuroscience with traditional treatments to improve patient outcomes. Former trainees and residents have secured APA accredited internships, VA placements, professorships, private practice placements, and have obtained licensure in multiple states. Serin Center aims to personalize supervision to enhance the growth of our trainees at all stages.

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What Makes Serin Center Unique?

neuropsychological assessment and therapy

Serin Center’s integrative approach can yield profound results in fewer sessions of treatment based on a review of internal data and empirical studies. Dr. Serin revolutionized the application of bi-lateral stimulation in therapy sessions to effectively cut treatment times in less than half and was awarded an International Edison Gold Award in 2018 and Forbes Best Health and Wellness Technology in 2018 at CES. Past trainees have completed publications and poster presentations in bi-lateral stimulation and quantitative electroencephalogram studies and have participated in travel to conferences to present research.

Is it Full-Time or Part-Time? What Is The Stipend?

Practicums are typically 16-20 hours/week for one year. Total 800-1000 hours.

Internships are typically 40 hours/week for one year. Total 2000 hours. Stipend varies depending on rotations.

APPIC Postdoctoral residencies are 40 hours/week for one or two years. Total 2000-4000 hours. Call for current stipend information. We include health benefits, paid time off, retirement contributions, and time off for didactic trainings.

Master’s level therapists pay structure varies.

What Is SerinCenter Looking For? How Can I Increase My Chances Of Being Accepted?

We work best with happy, healthy professionals who are focused on elevating the human condition vs. merely providing coping strategies and diagnoses. Agents of change might be a better fit than individuals who are rooted in long-term traditions and prefer to maintain the status quo of “how things have always been done.”

Postdoctoral residents who are interested in both neuropsychological assessment and therapy are highly desired. We will ask for a redacted report sample prior to an interview and look for very strong report integration skills. Although there are opportunities for research, our training program is not suited for those who aspire to a career in research without practice.

Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Therapy Training Programs at Serin Center

Postdoctoral applicants must have completed all doctoral degree requirements from an APA/CPA accredited program or a regionally accredited institution of higher education before beginning training. Applicants must have completed an internship that meets APPIC standards.

Who Provides Supervision and Didactics?

Neuropsychologists and Psychologists are on staff. Dr. Amy Serin, Dr. Meena Choi, and Dr. Samantha Jacobson are Arizona licensed psychologists. Other allied health professionals are also on staff. For master’s level clinicians, we may hire consultants to meet board qualifications for licensure. The Arizona APPIC Training Consortium provides didactic training that meets Houston Conference Guidelines for training.

How Competitive Is Serin Center?

We encourage you to apply if you are at all interested in training with us. Approximately 50% of applicants will be interviewed and typically 10% of applicants will be offered a training position. Serin Center is growing so please apply if interested.

When Should I Apply?

Master’s Level Therapists and Postdoctoral Residents have flexible start dates.

Practicum students and Interns start according to their school schedule and the APA match schedule for August start dates. Since we do not participate in the match, applications received in January-March have the highest probability of being accepted.

What Rotations Are Available?

Rotations in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Pediatric and Adult Neuropsychology, Research, Neuromodulation, and Neurofeedback are available.

Interested In Applying?

You may send your postdoctoral resident applications through this email: [email protected] or Arizona Psychological Association Training Consortium

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