Vielight X-Plus 3


Here’s the newest addition to Vielight’s device collection. The Vielight X-Plus 3 is designed with flexibility in mind as it enables delivery of photobiomodulation (PBM) to areas that cannot be covered by other Vielight devices. Aside from versatility, it comes with powerful 810 nm LED near infrared (NIR) module. The NIR module is attached to a flexible steel band which creates a simple and compact headset-like piece.

The Vielight X-Plus 3 also consists two modules which has head and body modules. In addition, the control is situated conveniently in both versions of modules. It also comes with powerbank and extension cable with power adapter. With this option, you may easily use your device anytime, anywhere!

What’s New with X-Plus 3 Device?

Aside from enjoying two module versions, its design is specifically crafted for easy irradiation that extends not only to your brain, but also to other parts of your body.

What’s more is, you can use it alone or in combination with other Vielight device models, particularly the Neuro. The latter’s 633 nm wavelength works perfectly with X-Plus 3’s 810 nm wavelength.


The Vielight X-Plus is a powerful device which comes with the following four modules:

  • the X-Plus head module
  • the X-Plus systemic module
  • two 633nm intranasal applicators

This device helps the simultaneous photobiomodulation in the brain regions, systemic regions (including in the vagus nerve, thymus gland, joints) and systemic circulation.

The X-Plus 3 was originally designed as an add-on for the Vielight Neuro, to be combined with the Neuro to form a powerful, but the current model can now be used as a standalone device.