Avoid The Detrimental Effects of an Overactive Stress Response

SharpBrains.com reporter Alvaro Fernandez, interviewed Dr. Serin to find out more about stress and how we can avoid its detrimental effects. Sharpbrains is a recognized website that tracks health and wellness applications of Brain Science.

Neuropsychologist Amy Serin, Co-Founder of Brainnovations Winner ‘The Touchpoint Solution’, would like to see everyone avoid the detrimental effects of an overactive stress response.

Dr. Serin, what surprised you the most from the Judges’ questions and feedback during the Brainnovations Pitch Contest?

It was great that at least one of the judges had already purchased and started using our product so we could delve into the nuances of our technology quickly. And I was thrilled that all judges saw the possibility to create a significant global impact.

In a nutshell, what is the core idea behind TouchPoints?

Too many people suffer too much stress, often leading to sleeplessness, cravings, anger, poor focus, poor performance, and feeling overwhelmed. TouchPoints aim at reducing stress by delivering haptic microvibrations via wearable devices worn on both sides of the body. The bi-lateral alternating stimulation (BLAST) technology can help reduce stress significantly while the wearer multi-tasks at home, work, or school. The key is that our wearables don’t simply give information or cues — they can actually help reduce stress.

When and how did the idea come to you?

The idea evolved over the last decade while I was practicing neuropsychology…

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