Hacks for People with High-Functioning Anxiety

Bustle covers 11 great strategies based on science to help high-functioning people with anxiety. Many individuals are unaware that new technology (BLAST) can provide quick stress relief while you go about your day, even though most of us are aware to breathe, sleep well, take breaks, and avoid biting off more than we can chew on a regular basis. You must stop what you’re doing and switch to something else in order to change your attention, practice meditation, and use other stress-reduction strategies. With BLAST technology, anyone can get relief from stress at any time.

As I stated in the article “It’s important not to make stress-management stressful” so start practicing some of these easy tips and don’t forget what neuroscience and technology can offer in conjunction with these tried and true techniques.

The intersection of mental health and brain science are not always at the forefront. Nevertheless, a lot of the cliches about what relieves stress are really supported by extensive study and knowledge about anxiety and the brain. And when you use these simple techniques to feel better, you’ll be aware that you’re following recommendations from professionals.

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