Commentary on How Coronavirus May Scramble The Brain

This article recently published in Science News provides a great explanation of how stress affects the brain and why it impairs decision-making and focus. However, merely trying to adopt healthy habits and thinking stress might not be so bad are not the antidotes I suggest. Using real-time hacks from neuroscience, including my invention, TouchPoints, can help your brain turn down the Stress Switch and weather the current storms in your life. You can’t always put down what you are doing and meditate or do yoga. In fact, when stressed you may not even be able to think of options that will help.

It’s best to understand the neural circuitry of stress routes through the sensory network so using sensory methods can turn your stress down without trying to breathe it down or think it down (Readers can learn more about The Stress Switch by reading my book with the same name). In fact, breath and consciousness only work when your Stress Switch is a little triggered. With the global pandemic and an unknown course- most of us have higher default Stress Switch modes right now which means our usual go-to strategies may break down. Luckily there are easy ways to help yourself.

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