Dr. Serin’s NPR Podcast Jazzed About Work

Dr. Amy Serin, was invited as a guest to Jazzed About Work. Jazzed About Work is a podcast series hosted by Beverly Jones which features lively, informal conversations about everything it takes to create a resilient and rewarding career.

What causes stress and how can you overcome it?

The podcast started with a short introduction about Dr. Serin and what made her decide to shift careers from business development and sales to neuropsychology. Dr. Serin said that what pushed her to turn back the other way is the stress she felt even after having an extremely successful run with her career.

During this episode, Dr. Serin shares her own struggles and bouts with excess stress, as well as her journey to “democratize” various therapies by making them more accessible. They also discussed how most people are suffering from stress, anxiety, and all sorts of trauma due to different factors in their lives, be it at home or at work. Dr. Serin said that when we are stressed our nervous systems are overactive leaving us wide awake at night. As we get consumed by worries, both our bodies and minds become chronically unwell.

Excess Stress – Understanding the “Fight or Flight” Response

They dig deeper into what excess stress means and how it can impact a person’s day-to-day life. Throughout the whole episode, Dr. Serin has put emphasis on the importance of taking a break and doing exercise. 

She also shared a few pieces of advice from her book, “The Stress Switch”, including how stress works, how it can hijack the calm and wise part of our brain, and later on how it will throw us into a frantic state of fight or flight. 

They also discussed the four-step method a person can do when losing it which you can read in detail in Dr. Serin’s book “The Stress Switch”. According to Dr. Serin, these techniques are like bilateral stimulation which allows you to reset your “stress switch.” Once you are able to recalibrate your mental filter, it will help you make better decisions and have a healthier mental state.

Dr. Serin was also able to share about TouchPoints, her small patented, wearable devices for reducing stress symptoms through the use of gentle vibrations. With the use of proprietary neuroscience technology, TouchPoints emit gentle vibrations to soothe your body’s natural “fight or flight” response and promote relaxation. You can find more information about TouchPoints here.

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Listen to the full podcast episode by visiting this link: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/524588388/jazzed-about-work

If you or someone you know is currently battling with acute stress disorder, early diagnosis and treatment is necessary.

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